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Stalking & Revenge Porn All Abusive Traits – Sonja’s Story

My work highlighting the affects Revenge Porn has on victims and my subsequent profile raising by sharing my story on national television attracted women who had gone through the same or similar experience.

Sonja contacted me via Facebook and sent me a message of support for coming out and speaking about my ordeal.  Sonja has gone through a similar situation by her stalker which stems her abuse over 4 years. I have been supporting Sonja to help her cope with the frustrations she has experienced from the Police and the lack of support from others in helping her to bring her perpetrator to justice. This is one of the many things Sonja told me:

 I have just felt so alone with it all. The most disappointing time of my life, going through a divorce and dealing with the stalker. I have lost all faith in the things I was brought up to believe in, the law, order, what is right, justice……it’s shook me to the core

I was contacted in October 2014 by a student Alicia Gonzalez Betancort who is a student at Bournemouth University who as part of her  course wanted to quote me about my experience being a victim of revenge porn. Time was of the essence and Sonja lived in closer proximity to Alicia so I asked Sonja if she would mind doing a small clip to share her story as Alicia’s case study. I told Sonja that talking about her ordeal would help her come to terms with it and help her to accept what has happened to her plus aid her healing.

Sonja shares her story:

This video was produced by Alicia Gonzalez Betancort who is a student at Bournemouth University. Alicia has been interested in the topic of Abuse against women and you can see more of her articles by clicking on the following link:


The Sextortion of Amanda Todd

This has been going on for a number of years; the sexual exploitation of women and young girls on the internet. The internet has evolved at an alarming rate over the last 10 years if not less. There is no one policing or monitoring its usage. In fact you are able to upload anything you like from any source about any person and there is nothing in place to stop people doing this.

This is a story that could happen to almost any teenager on the Internet.  They call themselves ‘cappers’ – a new breed of cyber-predators who systematically stalk websites looking for girls on webcams, flatter them into performing sexual acts, then capture their images.  Some use those images to blackmail their victims, in a fast-growing online crime that goes far beyond Amanda Todd.

Listen to her story!