Removing illicit images of yourself from websites

This task although very distressing and time consuming is ‘a must to know how to do’ if you ever find yourself in this situation! I found this journey very emotional but nevertheless continued on my mission to take control. Now prepare your mind, body and soul for the unexpected and knowing full well that:

  • You didn’t give your permission for your images to be used
  • You placed trust in a person who has perpetrated your whole being

Firstly if like me you didn’t have a clue, a good place to start is ‘google search’, below is a step by step youtube clip from Google.

If you want an image removed from Google’s search results, it’s important to bear a couple of points in mind.

  • Google doesn’t own the web, and can’t remove content from the web.
  • The images in Google’s search results are controlled by the webmasters of the sites that hosts those images.

If you don’t own the site on which the image appears, you should ask the webmaster to remove the image or block it from search engines. How to contact a webmaster.

Once the webmaster has removed the image URL from the webmaster’s site or blocked it from being included in our index, our search results will automatically reflect the change after we next crawl the site. You can expedite this process using the URL removal tool.

To use the URL removal tool, you’ll need to know the exact URL of the image you want removed. Here’s how to find it:

  1. Click the image that you locate in the image search results.
  2. Right-click View original image or Full size, and copy the link address.
  3. Paste the URL into a file or document, so it’s available when you use the URL removal tool.

Once you have the URL ready, follow the instructions for requesting removal of an entire page.